Pete Ericson from Leaky Paywall — Entrepreneur Tips & WordPress Growth: Customers, Business, Routine

In this episode #5 of Peaceful Growth, the Founder of Founder & CEO of ZEEN101, Pete Ericson, joins Anil Gupta.

🎓 What You'll Learn in This Episode:

- Leaky Paywall Plugin Story

- Productivity and Health Tips for Entrepreneurs

- How to get your 100 Customers?

- How to grow enterprise WordPress product business?

- Importance of having a good routine for Entrepreneurs

- Book reading tips

📌 Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

- Tim Ferris podcast

- Book: Buy Back Your Time Book by Dan Martell

- Growth Accelerator 1-year SaaS business growth course.

- 5 Health and Productivity Benefits of Napping.

- 10 Tips For Good Power Napping.

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