Designing for Success: Joshua’s Expert Tips for Exceptional User Onboarding in WordPress

In episode #1 of Peaceful Growth, the Fractional Product Leader at Joshua Wold joins Anil Gupta.

🎓 What You'll Learn in This Episode:

- Discover the Top 10 Design Principles for WordPress Plugin Onboarding Journey: Learn expert insights for creating exceptional plugins.

- Practical Tips for Effective Plugin Design: Stand out in, communicate benefits, and guide users seamlessly.

- Insights from an Experienced Designer: Gain valuable knowledge for enhancing your plugin designing skills.

📌 Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

- Book: On Writing by Stephen King

- Book: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

- Book: So Good They Can't Ignore You by Carl Newport

- Book: Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda

- Podcast

️️⭐️Learn More About The Guest:

- Joshua Wold

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⭐️ Learn More About The Host - Anil Gupta:

- Multidots (Custom WordPress Development and Migration Services)

- Multicollab (Google Docs-Style Collaboration Plugin for WordPress)

- Dotstore (Free and Premium WooCommerce Plugins)

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